About me

I am nurse and cartoonist in my spare time. My studies I took in 1999 to Africa. Throughout the years I have worked and lived in different countries such as Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea and Angola. I have worked as a nurse in emergency, development cooperation and in recent years, as a teacher, that I keep magnificent memories of teaching and students.

Books, illustrations and other works

copyright2Respetc the copyright

All illustrations are registered in the Register of Intellectual Property and may not be used by any means of publication. If you are going to use some of my illustrations may not be for commercial or advertising purposes (including pages free images), not for accommodation of xenophobic, racist or pornographic content.

Respects the copyright:

Reference the author: ©Belén García

Link to: www.dibujandoafrica.com

Contac: dibujandoafrica@gmail.com – info@dibujandoafrica.com 

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